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P027 Rosh Chodashim “The head of the year”

Exo 12:1 Adonai spoke to Moshe and Aharon in the land of Egypt; he said,
Exo 12:2 "You are to begin your calendar with this month; it will be the first month of the year for you.
Exo 12:2 החדשׁ2320 הזה2088 לכם ראשׁ7218 חדשׁים2320 ראשׁון7223 הוא1931 לכם לחדשׁי2320 השׁנה׃8141
The two underlined words are transliterated Rosh Chodeshim “Head of Months”. When the new moon was sighted in Israel this began the start of YHVH‘s New Year. It also began the time of YHVH’s spring Holy days the ones He ordained. This is supposed to be a time of great expectancy if you are truly in love with the Lord. A few special events happened on this Rosh Chodeshim in biblical history. First the Hebrews and the mixed multitude were about to be set free from the bondage of man and that freedom away from Adonai to walk with HIM. The other was that the Mishkan “The Tabernacle” in the desert was erected on this day and YHVH dwelt among His people. Nevertheless, there was still a separation between those who the workers in the Mishkan and those on the other side of the fence. To a moment or two to watch or listen to this Holy Day message to see if, you are on the right side of HIS fence.



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