372 Perception from Beth Goyim

372 Perception
Exo 12:1 Adonai spoke to Moshe and Aharon in the land of Egypt; he said,
Exo 12:2 "You are to begin your calendar with this month; it will be the first month of the year for you.

What day is “New Year’s Day” for the Creator of the Universe? What month did Yehovah ordain to be the 1st month of the year, and what special activity was initiated on that first day of the first month? When the children of Israel were set free from the bondage of man, they were now free to walk with Adonai. Before this could happen, they had to set up the Mishkan “Tabernacle” so Adonai could dwell with them. One of the parts of the Mishkan was a fence to designate a holy place, safe and separate from the world. This fence would stand between what would become holy and what was evil. The fence would mark the outer perimeter of the Mishkan, the Tabernacle. Initiation for the work of the Mishkan was on the first day of the first month, the NEW YEAR. It’s a time of expectancy; a time to set up our lives for His purposes; to get our homes ready because in 14 days we are going to celebrate Pesach. Nevertheless, the world is not doing these things. Joel 2 1-14 warns us that the day of Adonai is coming. It is not a good day. Most of the world is in a fog, unable to see what is coming at them; unable to perceive where we are; unable to perceive that evil is rising. In this message, we will look at modern history from the time of Israel’s rebirth to today. We are not going to look at the history conventionally but using American culture Movies & TV shows. To show us where we were and were we are and how this New Year is defiantly at time to get out of the fog.



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