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Marriage is..


In the modern era, the word love has most often been associated with the feelings of a man and woman contemplating or engaging in marriage.

The Word of Adonai, however, teaches that love is far more than a feeling. It is as essential to our existence as air and water. Love cannot be created or destroyed because the source of all love is Adonai, Himself. For our Father in Heaven, marriage is the completion and action that naturally pours out as evidence of true love.




to have affection for, beloved, lovely, lover, like, friend


In the Hebrew Scriptures, the different forms of the word create an interesting mosaic or composite when placed together. Through a fascinating process using numbers and words, Adonai is careful to design an image of love to help us understand the deeper meaning of this commonly used word.


אהב  Love   this word appears 349 times throughout the text of the scriptures. The definition appears above. The 349th entry in the Strong’s concordance brings us to a very interesting word that seems almost an antonym. 

H349  גּאיון


 haughty, proud.


אהב   Loves    this word appears 70 times through out the scripture texts. The meaning takes on the verb role when the “s” is added.  The Strongs concordance number reveals a word that describes a tool that would be used by someone at work.  


H70  אבן


a pair of stones (only dual); a potter’s wheel or a midwife’s stool (consisting alike of two horizontal disks with a support between):

 - wheel, stool.


אהב Loved  this word appears 95 times  throughout the scripture texts. In this form, the word now shows an action or the receiver of the action. The Strongs listing for word number H95, very interestingly, reveals something that is gathered or received in exchange for hard work or for something of value.



properly something gathered, that is, perhaps a grain or berry;

used only of a small (silver) coin: - piece [of] silver.



The Lord reveals, in a tapestry of words, a beautiful image of the power of love when it is working to save and sustain the most precious and valuable of all things -– the life of a loved one.

Our Lord, the Master potter, works every day to mold the clay of the believers into working vessels of honor. We are in the season of the harvest. The grain and the grapes must be gathered, but the laborers are few. Our Master will need the grain to create the bread of life. The grapes will be pressed to make the new wine. The guests at the wedding Feast of the Lamb will be expecting an extraordinary perfect banquet served by the King. 

By the work of love, the haughty and the proud, as led by Ha Satan, will be conquered and cast out. A new world will be born as Yeshua takes His rightful place as King. He is preparing the midwives as all of creation is groaning with the beginning of labor pains. The sacrifices will seem a small price to have paid for the perfection and beauty of life in the Kingdom with Yeshua and  His Bride lasting into eternity.


For the married couple, just as it was for Yeshua, love is an act of sacrifice.


The word “LOVE” first appears in scripture in the account of Abraham taking Isaac to be sacrificed. In no other way is the value of something more acutely tested or defined than in the sacrifice. This is the ultimate definition of love according to our LORD.


He said, "Take your son, your only son, whom you love, Yitz'chak; and go to the land of Moriyah. There you are to offer him as a burnt offering on a mountain that I will point out to you."

Genesis 22:2

The second account of love that is described in scripture is that of Jacob for Rachel. Again the concept of sacrifice is essential to the understanding of true love. However, the deeper nuance of investment is woven into the test. In our modern, fast-paced age, this may appear easier to do on paper than it is to actually live it. It is an additional test of the value placed on that person inside the heart.


So Ya`akov worked seven years for Rachel, and it seemed only a few days to him, because he was so much in love with her.

Genesis 29:20


Sacrifice is demonstrated as love, again in Isaiah. This time, the Lord tests the value, not against trinkets or inferior objects, but against those of equal value. Here, our loving Abba is specifically demonstrating a very difficult choice. We know from scripture that Adonai loves all the world. We know that Yeshua would have come off His throne if there were only one of us standing on the earth. Yet, our loving Abba demonstrates here a kind test of himself. He had to have made a painful choice before arriving at this next announcement. Which of His beloved creations would He be willing to sacrifice one for the place of another?


"Since you are precious in My sight, Since you are honored and I love you,

 I will give other men in your place and other peoples

in exchange for your life.

Isaiah 43:4


In marriage, love is not the momentary making of a promise. It is the long term keeping of a covenant.   –


 The third reference to the word “LOVE” found in scripture is located in the account of the Lord giving the Torah to Moses. Specifically the TEN COMMANDMENTS. THE WRITTEN COVENANT through the finger of Adonai.


"You shall not make for yourself an idol, or any likeness of what is in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the water under the earth.  "You shall not worship them or serve them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children, on the third and the fourth generations of those who hate Me, but showing lovingkindness to thousands, to those who love Me and keep My commandments.

Exodus 20:4-6


 Yeshua specifically explains that the Torah is love

If you ask me for something in my name, I will do it.  "If you love me, you will keep my commands;

and I will ask the Father, and he will give you another comforting Counselor like me, the Spirit of Truth, to be with you forever. The world cannot receive him, because it neither sees nor knows him. You know him, because he is staying with you and will be united with you. I will not leave you orphans — I am coming to you. John 14:14-18


Class 25: LOVE: Part 1
According to the Scriptures, the word “Love” is deep and complex. Love is much more than affection. It is a tapestry of work, skills, planting/investing, gathering/harvesting, preparing, and sacrificing. All of these activities work together to bring YHVH’s vision to LIFE.
• Pray to YHVH and discuss with your beloved this question:
“What is YHVH’s VISION for your marriage? What is HE creating or building through your union and your covenant? ”What is HE asking you to sacrifice or invest in this vision?

• Yeshua said, ”the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.”
o Are you able to recognize the signals (verbal and nonverbal) that your beloved is reaching a point of frustration or is becoming overwhelmed in the flesh? What is YOUR role in those moments?

o What is your way of communication at those times when a situation or event has caught you unprepared or has worn your spirit? Is “your way” beneficial, helpful? Or is it confusing or irritating or destructive?

• YHVH has invested in each of your lives. Now HE has given you something HE values highly…your husband or wife. Read Matthew 25 then answer the following. All investors have a plan that protects their investment until the profits or dividends come in. What safeguards, fences, hedges, watch towers have you planned for your investment in your marriage?

• Read Luke 12:37-59.then answer the following. What is the plan for your future home? How will you manage your home…the finances, the maintenance, the training of the children in YHVH’s truth and love…so that there will be joy and shalom upon Yeshua’s return, instead of fear and dread?

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Always remember Yeshua the Messiah is the same Yesterday, Today and Forever.

He was never a Catholic, Baptist, Evangelical, Pentecostal or any of the other 1,500 denominations of Christianity

He is, and always will be a Jew. And all the Talmidim (Disciples) were Messianic Jews


Why the name Beth Goyim?

Isa 56:7  I will bring them to my holy mountain and make them joyful in my house of prayer; their burnt offerings and sacrifices will be accepted on my altar; for my house will be called a house of prayer for all peoples."

Mar 11:17 And He began to teach and say to them, "Is it not written, 'MY HOUSE SHALL BE CALLED A HOUSE OF PRAYER FOR ALL THE NATIONS'

House = Beth in Hebrew  People or nations =all peoples Hebrew & Gentiles

hence the name of the congregation...Beth Goyim

Messianic = meaning we believe and follow Yeshua the foretold Messiah of Israel

Congregation = group of people with a similar thought process.









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