282 Are You Standing Between Life and Death?

Num 16:41 But the very next day, the whole community of the people of Isra’el complained against Moshe and aharon: “You have killed Adonai’s people!”

Num 16:42 However, as the community was assembling against Moshe and Aharon, they looked in the direction of the tent of meeting and saw the cloud cover it and the glory of Adonai appear.

Num 16:43 Moshe and Aharon came to the front of the tent of meeting.

Num 16:44 Adonai said to Moshe,

Num 16:45 “Get away from this assembly, and I will destroy them at once!” But they fell on their faces.

Num 16:46  Moshe said to Adaron, “Take your fire pan, put fire from the altar in it, lay incense on it, and hurry with it to the assembly to make atonement for them, because anger has gone out from Adonai, and the plague has already begun!”

Num 16:47 Aharon took it, as Moshe had said, and ran into the middle of the assembly. There the plague had already begun among the people, but he added the incense and made atonement for the people.

Num 16:48 He stood between the dead and the living, and the plague was stopped.

Num 16:49 Those dying from the plague numbered 14,700 – besides those who died in te Korah incident.

Num 16:50 Aharon retuned to Moshe at the entrance of the tent of meeting, and the plague was stopped.

Note: in some bibles this passage may be found in Numbers 17:6-15

                         These two men knew what to do in the time of trouble. They had been taught the things of Adonai and did not have to think it was just do. If Adonai is living inside you and there is no other deception in your heart, when the time comes it will be second nature to you. These anointed men knew that the coals were holy because they had been dedicated to Yehovah. They knew the incense would go up to His thrown and He would remember His word. Here was the King of the universe protecting His anointed shamisheem (servants), and all that was on the mind of these shamisheem was the people who came against them to save them. However, I thought it was something “new” to love your enemy? Here we see Adonai’s incredible heart and love through these men. Moshe and Aharon did what pleased YHVH because they knew their King and followed Him. When the times come to stand against evil will we know what to do that pleases YHVH? Will it be second nature to us? How about our kids? Do they see a proper example in us? Are we allowing things inside our homes that displease our King? Are we being hypocrites to His word against His Kingdom?



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