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Mat 5:8 "How blessed are the pure in heart! for they will see God.
Mat 5:9 "How blessed are those who make peace! for they will be called sons of God.
Mat 5:10 "How blessed are those who are persecuted because they pursue righteousness! for the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs.

What is the perfect will of Adonai our King? This is what the topic He wanted to speak with you today is all about. We are going to take a journey on the whole of Scripture today to find out if we in our own lives Do we measure up to what He wants for us? We will look at what His will is and how all people throughout every generation have had the opportunity to choose His will. Some that have chosen His will and have been truly blessed. And those who have decided there will is better than HIS will and been destroyed. In verse 10 it say pursue righteousness, how does a person pursue righteousness to get to the Kingdom? We have a guide book we call the BIBLE for this. It gives us specific directions on how this goal of heaven can be achieved. But we must first do something first to gain heaven on this wonderful journey. We must purge ourselves of all the evil things in our lives that are not from Yeshua.
We have to examine what things we say and do each and every day and ask is this the will of Adonai?
Mat 5:8 Blessed are the pure in heart - That is, whose minds, motives, and principles are pure; who seek not only to have the external actions correct, but who desire to be holy in heart. Do you fit these categories?


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