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298 Compare the warnings: Noah, Sodom & Gomorrah, Nineveh
Gen 9:12 God added, "Here is the sign of the covenant I am making between myself and you and every living creature with you, for all generations to come:
Gen 9:13 I am putting my rainbow in the cloud — it will be there as a sign of the covenant between myself and the earth.
The sign Adonai is giving us of His Covenant, the rainbow. I do not know anyone who does not stop and at lease pause when they see a rainbow. But what truly is this sign that ADONAI shows us on different occasions? What is the purpose of this incredible picture He paints in the sky? Why are we as people drawn to it and what does it mean in our lives today? In this message we are going to take a comparative look at that sign and how it pertains to “The Flood” and the 100 years of warning. Next we will look at Sodom and Gomorrah, homosexuality and no warning, no repentance total devastation and destruction. Third: Nineveh, the reluctant Yonah, the people hearing of the message in 40 days there will be destruction. Nineveh’s total repentance from the King all the way down, to the pauper and the animals. We will look at what this means for the world, for our countries, our states, our cities, our towns, our communities. And even more than that, what this means for our own lives and for those we love and are closest to us!


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