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322 The Repair Job
Neh 2:3 as I said to the king, "May the king live forever! Why shouldn't I look sad, when the city, the place where my ancestors' tombs are, lies in ruins; and its gates are completely burned up?"
Neh 2:4 The king asked me, "What is it that you want?" I prayed to the God of heaven,
Neh 2:5 then said to the king, "If it pleases the king, if your servant has won your favor, send me to Y'hudah, to the city of my ancestors' tombs, so that I can rebuild it."

Why did the Nechemyah desire to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem? Question,why was Nechemyah in captivity in the first place? To answer the first question about the walls of Jerusalem being in disrepair was the people did not take care of the home that Adonai had given them. The answer to the second question is they were in captivity because they forgot about that home and forgot about what is important to Adonai. Once we take ownership of those errors and how we have hurt the feelings of Adonai, that is when the repair job can begin. The word for that understanding is Teshuvah. It means to repent and return. Once we do that, that is the time for the true work in our own lives to begin. It is hard work just like the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem. The walls of that city are over 60 feet high. Imagine being Necheyah and moving those large stones without the aid of modern equipment. To say the lease it would be difficult. Now imagine your spiritual walk before you knew or while you were away from Adonai. It is time to learn the keys to “The Repair Job” of your spiritual house…before it is too late and your house is condemned.


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