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This weeks headlines: Anti-Israel posters green-lighted for Zurich , Synagogue in Greece set ablaze; religious books burned the third such attack in Greece in less than two years, Making sense of Norwegian anti-Semitism BERLIN –about the outbreak of Jew-hatred and loathing of Israel in his country. MSNB/Comcast network promotes dope to kids, “pot smoking holiday”, Cities near Texas wildfires watching closely, Strong wind gusts and hot temperatures are making it tough to fight biggest one , Historic Tornado Outbreak: 3 Days, 289 Tornado Reports, 15 States “It is devastating,” County Manager Zee Lamb said Sunday after surveying the damage in his 700-square-mile county.

Why is all this happening during the time between Pesach and Bikkurim (Resurrection)? Today Adonai wants us to look deeply in His word. To see examples of extraordinary strength. About this season we are living in the spring time holy days and end of days. To look at the season we are living in line with prophecy. Adonai our King does not do anything in secret. In fact He does it in the open for all to see. He allows those who look for Him to find Him. He desires that we look for Him now before He has to do discipline us. Something He says He does not desire to do, but He will when needed. The time is now for us to turn our own lives around and walk on that narrow path before it is too late. Today we are going to look at two events that occurred during this week in His-tory. And one that is yet to come in Revelation. From the first two we will get clues so the third does not have to happen in our lives. But if it does happen you will know what to look for and be ready. Our first example is found in Sh’mot 12:23-39 let us begin a profound journey, don’t miss out, you will regret it.

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