327 Workers in the field

Lev 20:4 If the people of the land look the other way when that man sacrifices his child to Molekh and fail to put him to death,
Lev 20:5 then I will set myself against him, his family and everyone who follows him to go fornicating after Molekh, and cut them off from their people.

As representatives of the Kingdom it is our job to watch out for the people. It is especially important for us as followers of that Kingdom to watch out for the children. For those who can not defend themselves against adults. Adults who should know better, but decide not to follow the narrow path. If we look the other way and allow people to get mislead then we are held accountable. When we see the phrase cut off that means they will die. And if you die and you are away from Adonai where will you be? It is not heaven, it is HELL. Adonai wants us as His workers in the field to bring the words of truth to all the people. He wants us doing everything in our power to bring forth the words of truth. To be willing to work in a field that might need work.
We are living in some pretty troubling times. Times that are on the brink of terrible disasters that can be averted. A call is going out to all people come and learn what it truly means to be a worker in the field of the one and only true King, Yeshua.


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