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332 The Father’s Scales
Pro 20:23 Adonai detests a double standard in weights, and false scales are not good.
In business we as followers of Messiah need to have a standard that is above the rest of the people. When we are in school as boys we should treat all the girls with the same proper respect. Whether the girl is pretty of not it does not matter because to Adonai they are all His creations. No matter what we are doing we need to do all things unto the Lord and by His standards. He in turn will do the same and even much more. The Father is so good at keeping score and keeping thing extremely accurate. Do we all agree that Adonai is going to be fair by His word to all people? YES! The other day as we were going over this scripture Prov 20:23 in MHSA (http://messianichomeschoolassociation.org/ ) Adonai spoke to me, He said this is what is wrong with the rapture people and the grace people in the church today? He said if I AM to have balanced scales, If I am not to have a double standard, If I were to make my talmidim go through so many tests, If I made all of them pay the ultimate price, If all the prophets told the people of Israel the truth and they did not turn back, If I made my own people My own precious Jewel Israel suffer in slavery for 430 years, If I destroyed S’dom & Amora for there homosexuality and other crimes, If I flooded the whole earth and only kept alive those 8 on the Tevilah…, Then why would I allow the Christians who are doing such a bad job and watering down MY WORD get out of chastisement? See how the Father is weighing out America and the world and what is next in this timely message “The Father’s Scales”.


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