377 in from the outer courts

Luk 17:15  One of them, as soon as he noticed that he had been healed, returned shouting praises to God,

Luk 17:16  and fell on his face at Yeshua's feet to thank him. Now he was from Shomron.

The Bible is a health guide for our spirit, as well as our physical health. Have you ever met someone with Leprosy (tzara`at)?   It is very painful, and it starts to eat away at your body.  Once it takes over you start to lose limbs and eventually you die.  Nobody knows where leprosy (tzara`at) comes from. It is contagious and that is why Adonai told Moshe to set the people outside the camp when they had tzara’at.  Adonai did not say this to be cruel. He did this so that both the person that had the sickness would be able to heal, and to keep the other people from being infected, with this sin while spreading it throughout the camp.  Having tzara`at is not all bad.  When you have a sickness, you have time to prepare and get things in order because you are separated and nobody wants you around.  Where if you had a heart attack and died instantly, you would not have gotten the opportunity to pause and get things taken care of spiritually. 

Therefore, what is spiritual tzara`at? Do we do what we are told to by Adonai’s word with a grateful heart?  How many times have you been blessed and then you start to complain?  This is spiritual tzara`at. When you are living in sin, you have to live outside of the camp.  When you are in sin, you are separated from the holy place and the holy things of Adonai.  If you have spiritual tzara`at, you will eventually die because it will consume you with things that are not of Adonai.  However, there is good news!  You can repent “TESHUVAH”. When you are in sin, you are in the outer courts. Teshuvah means you move from the outer court into the sanctuary and this is good. Is that our goal?  Moving from the sanctuary to the holy place is better. The goal needs to be moving from the Holy place to the most holy place because it is the best. Free yourself from condemnation today as you watch or listen to this 6-part teaching, and learn how to enter from the outer courts into the most holy place.



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