378 Coming to the mountain of God

Do we have to obey Torah? Were the Old Covenant Scriptures nailed to the tree with Yeshua, so that we do not have to obey them anymore? There are many who hold this belief. Nevertheless, what does the Master Messiah Yeshua say at Mathew 24: 34-35.  He said, “Heaven and earth shall pass away but my words shall by no means pass away” When Messiah Yeshua said these words, He was not referring to the New Covenant scriptures. They were not written yet. Messiah Yeshua was referring to the Torah given to the children of Israel from the Mountain of God. Messiah Yeshua said these words are to be our way of living.  The Scriptures are our Employees’ Manual. With that in mind…Do you know what day of the Omer it is today? Did you know that the counting of the Omer is very important for the time and seasons that we are living in today?  Did you know that counting of the Omer is very important to Adonai?  You may ask yourself, “why is the counting of them Omer so important to him? Why should it be important to us?

When you count down or up to something, usually you are expecting something after you finish counting. When a woman is pregnant, she usually is counting months, weeks, and days until her child is born into the world.  When you go shopping, you buy something and you count the money that you have to purchase that item. When you are at work, you might find yourself counting the hours, which tells you when its quitting time and you get to go home!   Adonai is getting us ready for something.  On the 50th day, he gave us a gift at Mount Sinai.  It is called a Ketubah (marriage certificate).  This certificate tells us the terms of the marriage agreement that we have with him.  It says that he will take care of us, and provide for us.  It tells us to forget our old lives, because with him, we are starting a new life. That Ketubah is the Torah! 

It was a long journey before we received the Torah of Adonai.  This precious gift that was given to us on the mountain was to show us how to live a Kadosh (holy) life. As it says in Mat 24:5 Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.  The Torah will never disappear, because they are Adonai’s words.



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