383 Living With Your Father

Do you know the peace and security that comes from living in God's house; would you like to? Can you really pass up the chance to have eternal life in heaven with the chaotic world of today; can you afford it? Christians being murdered in the Middle East; in North Canada; people are paying fifty dollars for laundry soap; twenty dollars for one can of Cheese Whiz! In Revelation, there is a prophecy of a day's wages for one loaf of bread! What do you earn daily? Imagine paying that much for one loaf of bread? You have to have a clean holy heart; and a strong foundation built on the Rock; the Messiah; to enter into the Lord's house.

The king of kings wants to be with us, He desires to tabernacle among us.  Could you imagine what that would be like?  What happens if we fail?  What kind of test is it that we are going through?  Will you be able to pass the test? On the other hand, will you fail the test?  If you pass, you will be in heaven with Adonai. If you fail, you will end up in hell.  Are the churches, congregations, or temples teaching and doing what YHVH wants them to do so that He can desire to tabernacle among His people?  Are we doing what we are supposed to do for the greater kingdom of heaven so that Adonai can live with us? 


There are sacrifices that have to be made if we want to live with the Father.  Your reward for your sacrifice will be blessings from Adonai.  Do you know that when Adonai is living with you that nothing can curse you?  Only when you are set apart from the other people that does not accept and follow Adonai.  Are you straddling the fence today by doing what the world does one day and then doing what YHVH does another day?  When you go along with the world even though you might not be doing that particular sin, you are partaking of the same sin because you are going along with it.  YHVH does not want us to be silent.  We are to be his mouthpiece and tell others what is right and wrong.  We do not have to condemn them, but you show them in the word and then you let them make their own decision, but you cannot condone it.  You have to choose the world or YHVH.  How can we dwell together with the Father?  Will you receive blessings, or curses the way that you are living your life today? Find out how the Father has always made a way for us to turn back – (Teshuvah) and live with him. Learn what it truly means to Dwell with Him in this message.



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