90,000 Puzzle Pieces

Deu 29:9  (29:8) Therefore, observe the words of this covenant and obey them; so that you can make everything you do prosper.

In this message, we will cover Prophecy about Russia, Iran, Syria & Turkey.

We all love happy messages don’t we? Is there anything wrong with a happy message? How would you love to prosper so much that you would not have to worry about the bills that you have to pay because you have money in abundance? 

Deu 29:14  "But I am not making this covenant and this oath only with you.

Deu 29:15  Rather, I am making it both with him who is standing here with us today before Adonai our God and also with him who is not here with us today.

There is a dire vision coming that we have to look at.  Does it mean that just because we stick our heads in the sand as a believer that the dire vision is not coming?  Of course not!  As a watchman, are we learning how to do our job better?  When something bad is coming at you, what do you do? Do you see the hatred for God rising up like never before? Are you aghast about what you are seeing in the world today? If you are a watchman, you have to start looking for the puzzle pieces to know what you’re looking at and know where the pieces go.  How do we do that in the spirit?  In this message we will take a look at the News of the week and tie it together with the book of Revelation, Daniel and Ezekiel do not miss this message for the time has come to prepare for the vision given long ago for all of God’s people.


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