387 On That Day

Mat 6:9-13  You, therefore, pray like this: 'Our Father in heaven! May your Name be kept holy. May your Kingdom come, your will be done on earth as in heaven. Give us the food we need today. Forgive us what we have done wrong, as we too have forgiven those who have wronged us.  And do not lead us into hard testing, but keep us safe from the Evil One. [The latter half of verse 13 is not found in the oldest manuscripts.] For kingship, power and glory are yours forever. Amen.'

This prayer was taught to the talmidim/disciples 2000 years ago. The men who were Jewish asked the Messiah to teach them how to pray. The question we should ponder is why did they ask to be taught how to pray? The question we should be asking is, why were they asking to be taught how to pray? Another question we should ponder is, is there more information in this prayer that we need to glean from our Hebraic roots? This formulated prayer and what Adonai told His prophet Isaiah in chapter 43 are bond together. Isa 43:26  Remind me when we're in court together — tell your side, make the case that you are right. This verse speaks of a trial between Adonai and all humanity. A trial that each person separately will stand before the one and only JUDGE. So the question is what will you do on that day? Do you understand how to pray and the order of prayer accepted by YHVH? Have you said thy kingdom come thy will be done and not really understand what you are saying? In this court, that Adonai is speaking, will you be able to state your case and win or lose and pay the penalty? Each word that Yeshua chose for the “Our Father” was carefully orchestrated to draw the talmid and future generations to certain points of order while praying. The skillfully crafted words paint a mosaic of beauty about whom our King is and who we are while praying before the throne of Adonai. We can only fully comprehend this depth of truth from this prayer and receive its blessings if we fully embrace our Hebrew Roots.  



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