389 Commitment

Phm 1:5  for I am hearing about your love and commitment to the Lord Yeshua and to all God's people.

Phm 1:6  I pray that the fellowship based on your commitment will produce full understanding of every good thing that is ours in union with the Messiah.

Is your commitment to God true and strong? As we see in this world by the amounts of divorces that not too many people know how to stay committed to each other. If they cannot stay committed to each other in marriage how are they going to stay committed to Adonai and His word? The Greek word for commitment is pistis G4102  πίστις  pistis it means 1) conviction of the truth 2) fidelity, faithfulness 3) the character of one who can be relied on. Is a vow a sacred, holy, unbreakable thing to the Lord? The people in the Bible were blessed and remembered for their fidelity to God when they kept their vows. Think about your vows before you are committed and they are irrevocably made; so you will have God’s blessing on you. In this message, we will look at examples of commitment found in the Book of Shoftim “Judges”. We will look at that word commitment in a Hebraic roots look at the Book of Hebrews. That will be followed by a look into Isaiah and even a few more scriptures to get a well-rounded look at the true meaning of the word Commitment. How your commitment and vows you make to Adonai and how that will affect your eternity. PART 1: BIBLICAL DEFINITION OF THE WORD COMMITMENT. PART 2: THE WARNING FROM THE WONDERFUL ONE. PART 3: A LOOK AT THE PAST TO LEARN THE FUTURE. PART 4: THE ONE WHO IS FAITHFUL IS TRUE TO HIS WORD. PART 5: A DEEPER LOOK INTO BEING FAITHFULL


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