397 Is it lawful to do good on the Shabbat?

Mat 12:11  But he answered, "If you have a sheep that falls in a pit on Shabbat, which of you won't take hold of it and lift it out?

Mat 12:12  How much more valuable is a man than a sheep! Therefore, what is permitted on Shabbat is to do good."

Let us remember whom was Yeshua speaking to. He was speaking to Jews. His talmidim and the Pharisees were Jews. Was Yeshua the Jewish Messiah saying the laws that He wrote for the Shabbat now no longer applicable? Was He now saying that only the Jews were responsible for the laws pertaining to Shabbat and the Gentiles could do whatever is good in their hearts? In this message, we will explore this passage and other parallel Gospels that give us an account of this event. We will look at this passage of scripture not with a western point of view. We will not look at the scripture as a Romanized church. We will look at this passage about the Shabbat and what is good to do on the Shabbat with a Hebrew Roots perspective. As we explore the account in the Gospels of saving the sheep on Shabbat, we will see the necessity of the Torah to understand why you need to help that animal. We will see that there is a rule already written about helping the animal and that it was not something new the church thinks Jesus was teaching. When you are done watching this message, you will have a totally new perspective on what is lawful to do on Shabbat.  



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