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381 the right of redemption

Joh 14:30  "I won't be talking with you much longer, because the ruler of this world is coming. He has no claim on me;

Joh 14:31  rather, this is happening so that the world may know that I love the Father, and that I do as the Father has commanded me. "Get up! Let's get going!

Have you ever meditated on the word "redemption"?  Who is the god of this world?  What is the meaning behind the times that we are living in?  What is the reason for Adonai calling the people back?  What is redemption, and who is the kinsmen redeemer?

In the scriptures, there are things that always follow an order. When you are with God, you have to follow a certain order.  If you do not follow God's order, you will not be allowed into heaven.  If you did not grow up knowing Yeshua, now that you do realize whom the Messiah is you have to begin to shed the old life, and become a new creation. Do we know how to do this, and do we do this today?  On the other hand, do we just walk around relying on grace to deliver us from everything we do that does not line up with God's scriptures?  Maybe we might even select certain scriptures to support what we want it to say, but ignore the rest of the chapter, the chapter before, and the chapter after.  We cannot expect Adonai to conform to our ways; we must conform to His ways. We have a role to fulfill as followers of Yeshua.  Because we are not doing this today, kids are being impregnated at the age of 10 years of age, by members of their own family; teachers are having sex with students in the school closet!  Do you know that when we ask Adonai a question we are responsible for his answer?  When we do not turn to the king of kings, He will get our attention.  He will take things away from us, little things that do not mean a lot at first.  Then eventually He will take the things that mean the most to us.  Have you noticed that there is less and less of the things of God in America? This used to be a blessed country, but the more that God is taken out the more we lose. Food prices are going up.  Droughts are happening across the country.  There is starting to be a lack of water supply.  Why does He allow this to happen?  What do we love most?  Why did Yeshua have to come?  What was His job?  Did Yeshua run away from what He was supposed to do? Are we running away from the things that we are supposed to do?  Ask yourself, is the Lord is putting something in your path, like maybe witnessing to someone, or even witnessing to yourself? 


In the beginning Adonai gave, man just one rule. Man fell because he chose to listen to satan.  Do you notice how people love to pay attention to satan all the time over Adonai's word?  A price had to be paid for this redemption.  One of Adam's friends had to die for Adom’s sins.  What is the redemptive price?  There has to be a price paid for what you want.  Do you notice that there is no stability in the world around you?  The principalities of the air are roaming around the earth right now causing, chaos, destruction, and confusion.  The adversary Satan is trying to tear this world apart, and he is winning because we are too scared to tell people to stop doing the sin that they are doing.  Does Adonai protect us forever?  Why are the eyes of the people being veiled and the minds of people bound?  Why is this happening? What can we do about it?   We must understand the patterns of God because God never changes.  Find out about the stages of redemption once you have accepted Messiah We are getting closer to Adonai's prophecies, and things will get harder for us unless we choose the right path.



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