P095P095  Parash 45 Va’etchanan (I pleaded) D’Varim/Deuteronomy 3:23-7:11

Synopsis – Moshe tells the people of Israel how he implored God to allow him to enter the land of Israel, but God refused, instructing him instead to ascend a mountain and see the Promised Land from the Pisgah (Cleft of the rock)

Continuing his "review of the Torah," Moshe describes the Exodus from Mitsrayim (Egypt) and the Giving of the Torah (TEACHINGS-LAW), declaring them unprecedented events in human history. "Has there ever occurred this great thing, or has the likes of it ever been heard? Did ever a people hear the voice of God speaking out of the midst of the fire...and live? ... You were shown, to know, that God is the God... there is none else beside Him." Showing how Adonai is so loving towards His people and how it is only satan that would say that this love letter is bad. How the Lord says that He will show GRACE to those who love what He loves.

Moshe predicts in the end-of-days (acharit-hayamim) that, in future generations, the people will turn away from Adonai, worship idols, and be exiled from their land and scattered amongst the Goyim (nations); but from there they will seek Adonai, and return to obey His commandments.

Our Parshah also includes a repetition of the Ten Commandments, and the verses of the Sh’mah which declare the fundamentals of the our faith: the unity of God ("Hear Israel: God our God, God is one"); the mitzvot to love Adonai, study His Torah, and bind "these words" as tefillin on our arm and head and inscribe them in the mezuzot affixed on the doorposts of our home. It is amazing once again the word to see these words being used for the Lord’s Sh’ma and at the end of the Sh’ma the word Echad is used. The word Echad means one group.


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