HB004 What is expected of me in this marriage Shavuot 5773 / 2012

What is our understanding of S h a v u o t/Pentecost?  What does it mean to be married?  The meaning of marriage is different to different people.  There are different values for different types of people.  Because of that, we need to find out what YHVH wants in His marriage to us His creation. Whether grafted in (Gentile) or from the seed of Avraham, we are all his children. 

Adonai gave us the K e t u b a h – The Torah that is a marriage contract that He expects His bride to follow.  He gave it to us a before we go back home.  When you are engaged, it is the time to learn about the other person’s family so you can know what the customs are when you get to their home. Yeshua says He is going to prepare a place for us. Shavuot is a time to remember that statement by Yeshua because it is we that should be preparing for His return. It is not good enough to say I love Yeshua and not do anything He says in His word. Everyone on the planet will have an opportunity to go to heaven, but that's when He's going to make the decision whether you followed His ways and you get to come into the kingdom of heaven or not.  Therefore, do you want to go to the kingdom of heaven forever, or do you just want to go there to be told that you did not follow his ways and then be thrown out of the kingdom of heaven?  If He did that with a third of his angels, what makes us think that he will not do it to you?  Do you want to be told well done my good and faithful servant, or do you want Him to say I never knew you? He is giving that choice us today.


What is faithfulness do we know how to be faithful? Do we know how to trust God in all things even when we do not see him?  What does covenant and promises mean.  He also at this time tells us to bring a wave offering which is bread.  The sacrifice is that we make it with our own hands and it comes from our home.  We bring that to him as a representation of our obedience to him.  So what are you bringing to S h a v u o t today? 3500 years ago, we left the house of bondage in Egypt. Come and learn how to walk away from the house of idols and what the time of S h a v u o t is all about. Choose to walk with Adonai today.  Give him your best.





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